Member Stories

Jamie H. Eugene, OR
"It's ingenious... It's something that gives you the setup, gives you the trigger, and gives you the trade."

Steve A. Laguna Niguel, CA
"I'm in the positive with this, I'm making money."

"Granny" Medina, OH
"I trust it... the longer you do it the better it becomes."

Ken H. Montevallo, AL
"I'd rate my level of success with this pretty high up... [in 20 years of trading] the success with this system has probably been the best of any of it."

Steve T. Marseilles, IL
"Pro9Trader is fabulous, it's easy to read, there is no doubt that it is a good program."

Wanda R. New York, NY
"I love the software... because of it's simplicity, the platform is easy to understand, the rules are very easy to understand..."


I just wanted to take a moment to say "Thank you"... for all of the hard work that went into designing the most Profitable Suite of indicators that I have found to date, in over 8yrs of Day Trading.

I feel that I can somewhat qualify as an Expert on the System already, as I went onto the website and watched over 100 days of Videos, (over 500 Trades). And my real-time trading has confirmed the same uncanny accuracy that I found in the Daily Debriefs. The main benefit that I found with the system, is its ability to always show you:

1.) What is the current primary trend.

2.) When all the "Stars" have re-aligned, indicating when that trend will most likely resume, and giving a precise entry. And

3.) When price is truly at an "Extreme." Which is the "Only" safe time to consider a counter trend trade, in my opinion. The other thing that needs to be noted is the way that the system warns you, when you are about to enter into a Chop zone. Thus avoiding a good number of the losses, which can make the difference between ending up with a Profitable vs. a Losing day. I would end in saying this, that anybody would be hard pressed to find a Trading System that would be a greater compliment to what they are currently using, or more helpful in their Quest to become a Successful Trader.

-Christopher R. Davis
Va. Beach, Va.
July 19, 2015


I loved the beta test and am very interested in purchasing.sean l quote1

I cannot tell you how excited I am to use the program because I am EXTREMELY IMPRESSED with the indicators!

I can't tell you how happy I am with the program, these indicators put together with your rules are fantastic!

Millville, NJ

quotesI very much enjoyed following your Beta Test. I appreciated the quality of your approach and your level of

dave r quote1
I can tell you now that I am completely sold on your program, mostly because I need a more rule- based method that will keep me out of dangerous trades.

I have an incredibly good impression of your method and the personal care that you gave to me during the beta test...

Allentown, PA

quotesI have never seen anything anywhere near as functional, visually clear and easy to use as this. This is pure genius... I really appreciate your willingness to share it with us.

This takes the 'WORK' out of trading
and actually makes it 'FUN!'

Tijeras, NM

quotesThanks for all the webinars I've been able to attend and the recordings too, you come across as a very genuine person unlike a good many others 'out there.'


quotesI have benefited greatly from spending the last 6 weeks in the Trade Room learning the Pro9 System.


quotes...talked about the indicators in a personally meaningful way... You're giving us insights into what drives your trading decisions... What you're offering is unique and it's special. I appreciate it.

San Francisco, CA

quotesI love your classes and thanks for your patience in teaching us the best.

San Carlos, Mexico

quotesI have not much experience on Future trading, but very impressed from your teaching of trading that I am excited to join the family.

Hong Kong

quotesI am really enjoying and learning a lot from this. You don't know how much it is appreciated.

Metamora, IL

quotesI am very impressed with the clean presentation of the charts - you guys did a great job.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

quotesYour Pro9Trader is extremely well done, the simplest and easiest to understand I have ever come across

Inglewood, CA