We Practice What We Teach.

Academy Day Trading was formed by skilled trading educators.

Our Senior Trader, with over 18 years of full-time trading experience, perfected his skills using virtually all types of charting, from time-based charts to tick charts in several markets, including the ES, TF, YM, EMD, NQ, CL, NG, etc.

After almost 4 years of exclusively using our Pro9Trader method in-house, we ran an experiment in January 2014. We introduced Pro9Trader to a select group of over 100 people and invited them to participate in this highly unusual event.

The “Beta Test” as it became known, was supposed to last 30 days, however, it lasted over 60 days. Throughout the test we incorporated all of the suggested upgrades from the select group, as well as Academy Day Trading.

The end result is considered by many to be the most dependable suite of indicators, regardless of price.

We very much appreciate the people that spent their time with us, and judging by the emails and testimonials, it's clear they enjoyed this time as well.

If dominating the markets is your goal, the beta test certainly proved that Pro9Trader must be in your arsenal.

Sign up and see for yourself just how incredibly easy the Pro9Trader approach is. People with virtually all levels of trading experience have been able to learn our method in a matter of days. By the way, an attractive part of our business model is that you get to Watch, Learn, and Confirm our approach, live, at zero cost to you.

Imagine being on the right side of the market for a change.


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About Us

To ensure you have working charts during our free Orientation broadcast, you will be given access to the full training course and even be able to download our indicators FREE.

Academy Day Trading is available by email or phone every step of the way. We give you a solid chance to see how easy spotting high-probability trades can be, on your computer, before you ever see an order form.

About the Developers

About Us
As a full-time Day Trader for over 18 years, Todd obsessively tried every indicator available, sinking tens of thousands into software and mentoring. For the last 6 years he has exclusively used the Pro9Trader charts, his private collection of trusted indicators synchronized with his own calibrated price-action bars.

Through teaming with multiple programmers, including former NinjaTrader coders, Todd refined the look of the charts and packaged them with lessons on his core trade setups. The initial beta test was a huge success with 87% of the test group becoming customers.

Early Pro9Trader disciple Woz combined his love of this simplified approach with a rare combination of backgrounds, both in web infrastructure and entertainment. Together they continue to improve and release new multimedia training materials designed to accommodate multiple ways in which people learn.
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