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“Imagine a $300,000 fully-insured Ferrari delivered to your door. You could drive anywhere, and it wouldn’t cost you a penny. No strings attached."

"Count me in!"… Right?Pro9TraderLOGOshad3

That’s just how one of our students described what we offer.

Let’s face it… there’s a lot of nonsense out there in the trading world, as I’m sure you’ve seen firsthand.  Now, imagine being able to put the Ferrari through it's paces with no obligation.

That’s exactly what we’re offering you… the chance to sit with us after the market opens... WATCH our charts and indicators, live, in real time… LEARN how to spot high probability trades with our simple 4 step process, and CONFIRM them with our Pro9Trader suite of indicators.

What makes Pro9Trader such a high-performance machine?

Take a look at this side-by-side comparison:

In the center chart, which is ours, you see three trade setups from October 1st. The yellow vertical lines on the other charts show how they looked at the exact time that our signals were triggered.


You can tell right away, the Pro9Trader charts eliminate the noise, making it clearer than ever where the best places are to take action.

What percentage of your method relies on instinct?
How well can you trust or verify your intuition?

You might feel like a weatherman, with piles of seemingly-scientific data to pour over, but in the end you're just making hopeful predictions.

Pilots don’t keep planes in the sky on instinct alone, especially with hundreds of lives depending on them, they are calm because they trust their instruments.

private_jet_academy_day_tradingA pilot knows what to look for and when to take action, otherwise, they’re on autopilot and can relax.

Pilots know that, no matter how unpredictable the weather is, with their instruments they can respond dynamically to what’s in the sky around them.

Not that trading systems will ever be as reliable as airplane instruments, but we would all like to trade with the consistency of a Pilot rather than a weatherman.

banner_pro9_site_home_a1Humans are wired to recognize patterns, even when they’re not there.

How many times have you looked at a chart… entered a trade based on a pattern you saw, and immediately it went against you?

When we’re in front of our charts, we look for signs that say “go” and in our eagerness often disregard the signs that say “don’t go.” Modern Psychology calls this phenomena Confirmation Bias. Some of us have spent years learning to recognize dozens of patterns, all of which tell us to enter a trade, but few that tell us not to.

You can almost always rationalize why you took a trade… what you saw that said “go.” The moment you’re locked in, that’s when you see all the signs against you.

If we had clear rules, clear conditions for going, we would also know for certain when we don’t have these conditions. It’s important to know when to act, and when not to, remember… not trading is a trading decision.

With a clear method it should be impossible to argue whether or not a trade setup has presented itself. It should be obvious at-a-glance what each indicator is telling us, what the overall trend is, and whether or not to make a move.